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Begin your journey on the internet with The Rail. This is junction 1360 on "The Science Expedition".


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Teacher's corner

There are many resources available on the internet to assist teachers at all grade levels in preparing lessons, assignments, field trips, etc. about nuclear and radiation related topics. The links on this page point to some helpful sources. Note that in order to prepare a balanced lesson, you need to consider the source of the information. Anti-nuclear sources will play down or ignore the benefits of nuclear technology while amplifiying its drawbacks and risks. (Many make no distinction between nuclear weapons and nuclear energy). Pro-nuclear sources will concentrate on the benefits. Some government and academic sites will try to be more balanced. To get a truly balanced picture, try to get material from a variety of sites.

Other good sources of classroom material include your local nuclear power plant (most have extensive public outreach programs, visitor centers, tours, etc.), or research centre, as well as many of the web sites listed on our general page. More detailed information on a variety of subjects can be found on other pages of this site. Consult our site map for more.

Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .

Educator's associations

  • AAESP - Assoc. of Environmental Engineering & Science Professors (US)
  • AAPT - American Assoc. of Physics Teachers (US)
  • AASA - American Association of School Administrators (US)
  • AERS - Assoc. of Educators in Radiological Sciences (US)
  • AETS - Association for the Education of Teachers in Science (US)
  • ASE - Assoc. for Science Education (UK)
  • ASEE - American Society for Engineering Education (US)
  • ATASC - Alberta Teachers' Association Science Council (Canada)
  • B.C. Science Teachers' Association (Canada)
  • California Science Teachers' Association (US)
  • FASE - Foundation for Advancement in Science & Education (US)
  • ICASE - International Council of Associations for Science Education (International)
  • ICASE North America (US)
  • MNSTA - Minnesota Science Teachers Assoc. (US)
  • NARST - National Association for Research in Science Teaching (US)
  • NEA - National Education Association (US)
  • NSELA - National Science Education Leadership Association (US)
  • NSTA - National Science Teachers Assoc. (US)
  • OSSTF - Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (Canada)
  • PIRA - Physics Instructional Resource Association (US)
  • Scientists in School (Canada)   EN 
  • STANYS - Science Teachers' Association of New York State (US)
  • STAO - Science Teachers' Association of Ontario (Canada)
  • STAT - Science Teachers Association of Texas (US)
  • WEST - Wisconsin Elementary & Middle Level Science Teachers (US)

    Nuclear education programs

  • Atomic Archive Teacher's Resources (US)   EN 
  • CIF - LANL Critical Issues Forum (US)
  • EPA Students & Teachers Page for Radiation Protection (US)
  • EPCE - Energy Providers Coalition for Education (US)   EN 
  • FusEdWeb: Fusion Energy Educational Web Site (US)
  • General Atomics Fusion Teacher Resources Page (US)
  • General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation (US)
  • Inertial Fusion Education Page (US)
  • IPPEX - Internet Plasma Physics Education Site (US)
  • Kernenergie-portal (Germany)
  • MINT Student Guide (Malaysia)
  • NAS Radiation Education Project (US)
  • 1998 NEA Waste Management Bulletin (International)
  • NCSU Nuclear Outreach Program (US)
  • The Nuclear Power Industry's Ageing Workforce: Transfer of Knowledge to the Next Generation (IAEA)   EN 
  • Radiation Education Curriculum for Pennsylvania 7th & 8th Grade Science Teachers (US)   EN 
  • Radiation Lesson Plans (US)   EN 
  • ReActions Newsletter (US)
  • Secondary Science Lesson Plans - Nuclear Power (US)
  • Univ. of Akron - Energy II: Nuclear Energy (US)
  • Univ. of Missouri - Nuclear Science & Engineering for Secondary Science Teachers (US)

    Nuclear facts & figures

  • ABC's of Nuclear Science (US)
  • - Nuclear Waste (US)
  • AECL Kid's Zone (Canada)
  • Ask-an-earth-scientist: Radioactive Waste (US)
  • ATA: KI & Nuclear Accidents (US)
  • Bobby's Radiation Glossary for Students (US)
  • BP World Energy Review (UK)
  • Chemical of the Week: Environmental Radiation (US)
  • (Netherlands)   EN 
  • FAQ der WISSEN.GER - Atome (Germany)
  • FAQ der WISSEN.GER - Atomkraft (Germany)
  • A Guide to the USDOE’s Low-Level Radioactive Waste (US)
  • Legacy of the Bombs (Australia)
  • Les cahiers pédagogiques (France)
  • LLRW Factsheets (US)
  • NH Comparative Risk Project: Non-Reactor Sources Of Radiation (US)
  • NH Comparative Risk Project: Nuclear Reactors & Associated Radioactive Waste (US)
  • NRC Glossary (US)
  • Nuclear Legacies: Nuclear Waste Disposal & Issues of Health & Safety (US)
  • Nuclear Waste Backgrounder (US)
  • Quick Facts - Nuclear Energy At A Glance (US)
  • Radiation & Life (Australia)
  • Radioactivity in Coal (US)
  • Radioactivity in Nature (US)
  • sparking reaction (UK)   EN 
  • State Nuclear Profiles (US)
  • ThinkQuest Library: Nuclear Waste (US)
  • We're all naturally radioactive (US)
  • World Energy Projections (Colombia)
  • World Roster of Nuclear Generating Units (US)
  • Your Radiation Exposure (UK)

    Nuclear history

  • Atomic Archive (US)
  • Birth of the Atomic Age (US)
  • Canada's Nuclear History (Canada)
  • Centennial of the Discovery of Radioactivity (France)
  • Center for History of Physics (US)
  • Chicago Pile 1 Pioneers (US)
  • The Chornobyl [Chernobyl] Accident & the Future of Nuclear Energy (US)
  • Chornobyl/Chernobyl Operating History (US)
  • A Concise History of the Nuclear Age (UK)
  • The Discovery & Development of Atomic Energy (Canada)
  • Discovery of Radioactivity (Switzerland)
  • History of the International Atomic Energy Agency: The First Forty Years (IAEA)   EN 
  • A History of Nuclear Energy (Canada)
  • History of Nuclear Engineering (US)
  • History of Nuclear Power Safety (US)
  • History of Physics Pages (US)
  • History of Radiology (US)
  • History of US Nuclear Weapons (US)
  • Nuclear Age Timeline (US)
  • Nuclear History at the National Security Archive (US)
  • Nuclear History Database (UK)   EN 
  • The Nuclear History Site (US)
  • Nuclear Testing in the Marshall Islands: A Chronology of Events (US)
  • OKLO Natural Fossil Fission Reactors (Gabon)
  • Outline History of Nuclear Energy (Australia)
  • PBS Frontline: Nuclear Reaction (US)
  • Radioactive Quack Cures (US)
  • The Radium Girls (US)
  • TMI-2 ... 20 Years Later (US)
  • US Nuclear Accidents (US)
  • WENRA Report on Nuclear Safety in EU Applicant Countries (International)
  • What Have We Learned After 17 Years from TMI & 10 Years from Chernobyl Accidents (US)
  • X-Ray Century (US)

    Nuclear technologies

  • Adams Atomic Engines (US)
  • Advanced Reactors (Australia)
  • Anatomy of Nuclear Waste (US)
  • ArrowTech Dictionary of Nuclear Terms (US)
  • Atomic Alchemy: Nuclear Processes (US)
  • Atomic Energy in Switzerland (Switzerland)
  • Atomica (Japan)
  • CAESAR - Clean And Environmentally Safe Advanced Reactor (US)
  • CFRI - Center for Reactor Information (US)   EN 
  • CNN Report on Food Irradiation (US)
  • EDF Infos nucléaire (France)   FR / EN 
  • Energía Atómica (Colombia)
  • Energie nucléaire de fission (Belgium)
  • Energy Production in the Sun by Nuclear Fusion (US)
  • EUR - European Utility Requirement for LWR nuclear power plants (France)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation - An Inside Look (US)
  • Food irradiation - Its benefits & limitations (Australia)
  • The Future of Nuclear Power (US)   EN 
  • Generation IV Nuclear Power Systems (US)
  • How a Nuclear Plant Works (US)
  • How a PWR Nuclear Power Plant Works (US)
  • How Stuff Works - Nuclear Power & Nuclear Radiation (US)
  • How things work - Nuclear Reactors (US)
  • Im Wunderland der Atome und Kerne / The Wonderful World of Atoms & Nuclei (Germany)   DE / EN 
  • International Nuclear Fuel Cycle (US)
  • Kärnkraft (Sweden)
  • Kernenergie (Germany)
  • Kernenergie Online (Germany)
  • Key Areas of a Nuclear Power Plant Site (US)
  • KNGR - Korean Next Generation Reactor (South Korea)
  • la radioactivité (France)
  • Nuclear Electricity (Australia)
  • Nuclear Emergencies: At-a-Glance (UK)
  • Nuclear Energy - The Present Reality (Australia)
  • The Nuclear Energy Guide (US)
  • Nuclear Energy Primer (US)
  • Nuclear Energy in Sweden (Australia)
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Factsheet (UK)
  • Nuclear Power Crossroads (Japan)
  • Nuclear-powered Ships (Australia)
  • Nuclear Power: Energy for Today & Tomorrow (US)
  • Nuclear Science & Technology (US)
  • Nuclear Space (US)
  • Nuclear Technology - A Primer (Canada)
  • PBMR - Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (South Africa)
  • Radioactive Rubidium-Strontium Dating (US)
  • Radioactive Waste Management & Disposal (Australia)
  • Radiocarbon Dating WEB-info (New Zealand)
  • Reactor Types (Austria)
  • Rowama nuclear gas turbine (Netherlands)
  • Transport of Radioactive Materials: At-a-Glance (UK)
  • The Traveler's Guide to Nuclear Weapons (US)   EN 
  • The Virtual Nuclear Tourist (US)
  • Überblick über Reaktortypen (Switzerland)
  • Working with Radiation (Australia)

    Famous people

  • Albert Einstein Online (US)
  • Einstein - Image & Impact (US)
  • Figures in Radiation History (US)
  • Henri Becquerel (France)
  • Hoff Lu - the Father of Nuclear Energy of China (US)
  • Julius Robert Oppenheimer (France)
  • Maria Sklodowska-Curie (Poland)
  • Marie Curie (France)
  • Marie Curie (US)
  • Pictures of Famous Physicists (Germany)
  • Radioactivity: Historical Figures (US)
  • Stephen Hawking (UK)
  • Uranium Hall of Fame (US)
  • Werner Heisenberg & the Uncertainty Principle (US)
  • Women in Radiology (International)

    Classroom projects

  • An Examination of U.S. Nuclear Waste Status (US)
  • Arsenal Technical High School (US)
  • Atomic Energy Project (US)
  • Beth's Nuclear Waste Info Site (US)
  • Fluidized Bed Incineration (US)
  • Geological Storage of Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain (US)
  • Kin's Nuclear Energy Page (US)
  • Laguna Middle School Uranium, Nuclear Science & Radiation Internet Resources (US)
  • Lakeview High School (US)
  • L'énergie nucléaire (US)
  • Ms. Dahl's Research Page (US)
  • Nuclear Chemistry: A web-based learning experience (US)
  • Nuclear Energy Project (US)
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation (US)
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Information (US)
  • Nuclear Power (Finland)
  • Nuclear Power Project (US)
  • Nuclear Power Site (US)
  • Nuclear Power - Selected Reference Sources (US)
  • Nuclear Proliferation (US)
  • Nuclear Reactors (US)
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal - A Mounting Problem (US)
  • Renewable Energy Project (UK)
  • Rocky Run Middle School (US)
  • Temelin NPP Case Study (US)
  • Waste Disposal (US)
  • ZBTHS Nuclear Energy Project (US)


  • A-Bomb WWW Museum (Japan)
  • American Museum of Science & Energy (US)
  • Arzamas-16 Nuclear Weapons Museum (Russia)
  • The Atomkeller-Museum at Haigerloch (Germany)
  • The Atomium (Belgium)
  • Atom Museum (Japan)
  • BADM - Bay Area Discovery Museum (US)
  • Boston Museum of Science (US)
  • BRMA - B Reactor Museum Association (US)   EN 
  • CEE - Center for Environmental Education (US)
  • Chicago Museum of Science & Industry (US)
  • Discovery Center Science Museum (US)
  • Discovery Museum (US)
  • EcoTarium (US)
  • Experimentarium (Denmark)
  • Exploratorium (US)
  • Kernwasser Wunderland (Germany)   DE / NL 
  • Franklin Institute Science Museum (US)
  • Math / Science Nucleus (US)
  • Miami Museum of Science (US)
  • MPHPA - Manhattan Project Heritage Preservation Association (US)   EN 
  • Museum of the History of Science (UK)
  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (US)
  • National Atomic Museum (US)
  • National Museum of Science & Industry (UK)   EN 
  •   Fusion Exhibition (UK)   EN 
  •   Nuclear Waste: can you handle it? (UK)   EN 
  • Ontario Science Centre (Canada)
  • Peabody Museum (US)
  • Sandia Atomic Museum (US)
  • Science Adventures (US)
  • Science Center of Connecticut (US)
  • Science Museum of Minnesota (US)
  • Science North (Canada)
  • SciTrek - Atlanta Science & Technology Museum (US)
  • Smithsonian Institution (US)
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation (US)

    Classroom tools

  • Abenteuer-Technik (Germany)
  • Alpha-Trak Classroom Materials for Detecting Radiation (US)
  • Amateur Radiation Detection & Experimentation Page (US)
  • Atomic Energy Merit Badge (US)
  • Atomic Energy Merit Badge Requirements (US)
  • Aztec Research (UK)   EN 
  • A Basic Introduction to Nuclear Physics (US)
  • Charlotte's Energy Module (Canada)
  • Chart of the Nuclides (US)
  • (US)
  • Control the Nuclear Power Plant Demo (Sweden)
  • Le débat national sur les énergies (France)
  • Gamma Calculator (Canada)
  • The Genie in the Bottle (US)
  • GreenNature Nuclear Waste Disposal Background (US)
  • L'école de l'atome (France)
  • Let's Play PET (US)
  • A Look Inside the Atom (US)
  • Low-level Nuclear Waste: A Geographic Analysis Project (US)
  • metric conversions . org (US)   EN 
  • NHK TV: Nuclear Power & The Human Race (Japan)
  • NIST Atomic Clock (US)
  • NRV - Nuclear Reactions Video (Russia)   EN 
  • Nuclear chemistry at Naperville North High School (US)
  • Nuclear Energy: Is it in our Future? (US)
  • Nuclear Energy Quiz (US)
  • Nuclear Fuel Material Balance Calculator (Netherlands)
  • Nuclear Reactions (US)
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal in the Canadian Shield (Canada)
  • Nuclear Waste Slideshow (Taiwan)
  • The Particle Adventure (US)
  • Personal Radiation Dosage Chart (US)   EN 
  • The Physics Laws List (US)
  • Radioactivity Calculator (US)
  • Radioactive Decay Calculator (Canada)
  • Radioactivity Unit Converter (US)
  • Radon Quest (US)
  • Researching Nuclear Chemistry Online (US)
  • Science North Nuclear Quiz (Canada)
  • Should the U.S. Start to Build More Nuclear Power Plants? (US)
  • TCAEP - The Constants & Equations Pages (UK)
  • TPE sur la radioactivité (France)

    Photo gallery

  • Atucha Nuclear Power Plant (Argentina)
  • Berkeley Lab On-line Photo Archive (US)
  • CalTech Archives PhotoNet (US)
  • Clinton Nuclear Power Plant (US)
  • Darlington Nuclear Power Plant (Canada)
  • Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant (China)
  • Diablo Canyon Power Plant (US)
  • DOE Digital Archive (US)   EN 
  • Doel Nuclear Power Plant (Belgium)
  • Emilio Segrè Visual Archives (US)
  • IAEA Image Database (International)
  • IAEA Video Collection (International)
  • Krsko Nuclear Power Plant (Slovenia)
  • NRPA Nuclear Photo Archive (Norway)
  • (US)   EN 
  • Pickering Nuclear Power Plant (Canada)
  • Pictures of Chernobyl & its consequences (Russia)
  • Point Lepreau Nuclear Power Plant (Canada)
  • Radiation Photo Gallery (US)
  • Real-time monitoring of TAMU TRIGA reactor (US)
  • Russia' Photo nuclear collection (Norway)
  • Ulchin Nuclear Power Plant (South Korea)
  • USDOE Office of Environmental Management Photo Gallery (US)
  • WIPP Field Trip (US)   EN 

    General science education

  • - Chemistry (US)
  • Access Excellence (US)
  • Agence Science-Presse (Canada)
  • Ask Adam (US)
  • BP Science Across the World (UK)
  • The Brainium (US)
  • Chemistry Resources (US)
  • Chemist's Art Gallery (Finland)
  • CPEP - Contemporary Physics Education Project (US)
  • CSP - California Science Project (US)
  • (US)
  • e-Molecule (US)
  • EngineeringNET (US)
  • (US)
  • 5-14 Environmental Studies (UK)
  • Fremont-Elizabeth City HS Science Links (Australia)
  • Geography Project Construction Site (Canada)
  • (UK)   EN 
  • Home School Internet Resource Center (US)
  • Multimedia Physik (Germany)
  • Newton BBS (US)
  • NSF - National Science Foundation (US)
  • Nova Online (US)
  • PUMAS - Practical Uses of Math & Science (US)
  • SciEd (US)
  • The Science Coalition (US)
  • science.komm (Austria)
  • Science Websites (US)
  • SCORE Science (US)
  • SERP - Science Education Research Page (US)
  • Tim's Science Page (US)
  • TIPTOP - The Internet Pilot to Physics (US)
  • Virtual Labs &  Simulations (US)

    Other resources

  • Atascadero Education Foundation (US)
  • BBC Education Webguide (UK)
  • CAEPS - Center for Alternative Energy & Propulsion Systems (US)
  • California Teacher Resources (US)   EN 
  • CEL - Center for Environmental Literacy (US)
  • Chebucto Community Net - Science (Canada)
  • Cornell Math & Science Gateway (US)
  • Dept. of Education (US)
  • EdGateway (US)
  • Education World (US)
  • EduWeb (UK)
  • EETAP - The Environmental Education & Training Partnership (US)
  • Energie-Fakten (Germany)
  • Energy Related Sites on the Web (US)
  • Environmental History Timeline (US)
  • Environmental Literacy Council (US)
  • ESnet - Energy Sciences Network (US)
  • GSH - Global Schoolhouse (US)
  • Hamilton Spectator Science Links (Canada)
  • IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency (International)
  • K-12 Science Ed. Resources (US)
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators (US)
  • Kids.Net.Au (Australia)
  • Knowledge Network Explorer (US)
  • Lake Forest School District Science Resources (US)
  • The Learning Fountain (US)
  • The Learning Web: Curriculum Projects Using the Internet (US)
  • Mentor Net (US)
  • N-BASE Nuclear Information Service (UK)
  • Nancy's Science Links (US)
  • National Environmental Directory (US)
  • NEA - OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (International)
  • NIRS - Nuclear Information & Resource Service (US)
  • Nuclear Power / Electric Utility Info (US)
  • O'Connor's Kiosk Power Pages (US)
  • Pam Mack's History of Science & Technology Links (US)
  • Plant Tours on the Internet (US)
  • Pour la Science (France)
  • Power & Energy Resources (US)
  • Radiation Information Network (US)
  • Real Science (US)
  • (US)
  • The School Page (US)
  • SchoolNet (Canada)
  • (US)
  • Schoolsnet (Australia)
  • SciCentral (US)
  • Science Education Solutions (US)
  • Science Friday (US)
  • Science Learning Network (US)
  • Science Master (US)
  • ScienceNet (UK)
  • Science 10 Resources (Canada)
  • SciJournal (UK)
  • SciNet Science Search (US)
  • SciTalk (US)
  • Study Web - Science (US)
  • Teacher Web Links for Science Teachers (US)
  • Teachers Planet (US)
  • Teachers Support Network (US)   EN 
  • (US)
  • Utah Science Homepage (US)
  • Virtual FieldTrips & Labs (US)
  • Virtual Reference Desk (US)
  • Watch Education (US)   EN 
  • Web Resources....Helpful To Middle School Teachers (US)
  • Web Sites for the History of Science (US)
  • WestEd (US)


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