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The WasteLink directory is the largest specialized directory of nuclear related resources on the internet, with more than 9000 categorized entries. We are currently serving more than 30,000 page views per month.

In 2003, WasteLink was visited by users from more than 60 countries. Our site logs show that repeat visitors came from government agencies (US-NRC, US-EPA, US-DOE, plus various US state agencies, military organizations, national labs & other governments around the world), universities (including US, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, Austria, & others), public and private research centres (including US, Canada, Germany, Japan, UK, & others), nuclear power utilities (including US, Canada, UK, France, Korea, Finland, & others), non-governmental organizations, waste management organizations (including US, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Japan, Taiwan & others), engineering/consulting firms and other waste management related companies in numerous countries.

Our site logs also indicate a large number of consumer dial-up connections through major computer networks, such as CompuServe and AOL, as well as independent ISP's from many countries.

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