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Personal pages

Here you will find links to pages produced by individuals complete with their personal opinions and spins on issues related to radioactivity, nuclear and radation topics. All sides of the debate are included.

Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .


  • Adventures in Energy Destruction (US)   EN 
  • Antic Nuclear Page (Canada)
  • Atomenergie - ist unsere Zukunft (Germany)
  • The Cassini RTG Debate (US)
  • Centrales Nucléaires (France)
  • Choix Nucléaire, Choix de Societé (France)
  • (UK)   EN 
  • Debate on Nuclear Power (US)
  • Decay Heat in Nuclear Fuel (Sweden)
  • Déchets nucléaires (France)
  • Les Dechets Nucleaires (Switzerland)
  • Dossier : Le Nucleaire (France)
  • Elektrika iz jedrskih elektrarn (Slovenia)
  • Energia Nuclear - El Poder Del Atomo (Spain)
  • La energía Nuclear (Spain)
  • Fred Dawson's Radiation Protection Site (UK)   EN 
  • Healing the Atom (UK)
  • Hydra'S Page of Environmental Screwups (US)
  • Kärnkraft - ett sätt att producera el (Sweden)
  • Kernenergie und Kernphysik - Ein Grundwissen (Germany)
  • MUNWeb Atomic Energy (US)
  • The Nuclear Advocate (US)
  • Nuclear Energy (South Korea)
  • Nuclear History Site (US)
  • Nuclear Issues (Canada)
  • Nuclear Power (UK)
  • Nuclear Power: Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (US)
  • Nuclear Safety: A Culture (US)
  • Nuclear Waste: The Unsolved Problem (US)
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal Lecture (US)
  • Nuclear Waste Recycling (US)   EN 
  • The nuclear wastelands (Netherlands)
  • NUCLEUS (France)
  • Nukeville (US)
  • Pro-nuclear Energy Blog (US)   EN 
  • Problems of Nuclear Power Engineering (Slovak Republic)
  • The Pros & Cons of Nuclear Power (Australia)
  • :: radioactive waste :: (Australia)   EN 
  • Ritornare al nucleare: come e perché (Italy)
  • The Roy Process (US)
  • Saskatchewan Uranium Mining (Canada)
  • Solid Waste Disposal & Nuclear Waste Disposal Reference Sources (Canada)
  • SPADE Environment (South Korea)
  • Vaughan touts plan for disposal of nuke waste (US)
  • Wayne's View - Nuclear Power (US)
  • Yucca Mountain: The Battle For National Energy Policy (US)

    Researchers & professionals

  • Bill Garland's Nuclear Engineering Page (Canada)
  • Can-Du's Nuclear Page (Canada)
  • Dr. Donggao Zhao (US)
  • G. Suresh Kumar (India)
  • Dr. Hossein Kazemian (Iran)
  • Dr. Lumo's Nest (South Korea)
  • Dr. med. Martin Walter (Switzerland)
  • Dr. Meshkati's Page on Chernobyl (US)
  • Jim Green Nuclear & Environmental Research (Australia)
  • Malik's Nuclear Page (Malaysia)
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal in Canada (Canada)
  • Ore-Microscopic & Geochemical Studies of Primary Uranium Minerals (India)
  • Radiation Information Page (US)
  • Radioactive waste: The problem & its management (India)
  • Radioactive Waste - Why Tuff? (US)
  • Sociotechnics of Nuclear Energy (Japan)
  • South Asian Nuclear, Missile & CBW Bibliography (US)

    Student & school projects

  • An Examination of U.S. Nuclear Waste Status (US)
  • Arsenal Technical High School (US)
  • Atomic Energy Project (US)
  • Beth's Nuclear Waste Info Site (US)
  • Case Study: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal (US)
  • Fluidized Bed Incineration (US)
  • Geological Storage of Nuclear Waste at Yucca Mountain (US)
  • Indian Point Nuclear Plant Project (US)
  • Kernenergie (Belgium)
  • Kernfusion (Germany)
  • Kin's Nuclear Energy Page (US)
  • Laguna Middle School Uranium, Nuclear Science & Radiation Internet Resources (US)
  • Lakeview High School (US)
  • L'énergie nucléaire (US)
  • Matias Haller's Radioactive Waste Project (US)
  • NET - Nuclear Energy Tomorrow (US)
  • The Nirex Story (UK)
  • Nuclear Contamination: The Technological Geohazard (UK)
  • Nuclear Energy & Its Alternatives in Our Changing World (US)
  • Nuclear Energy in Australia (Australia)
  • Nuclear Energy: Is the Low Production Cost Worth the Cost of its Waste? (US)
  • Nuclear Energy Project (US)
  • Nuclear Energy Start Point (Canada)
  • Nuclear Fusion & Nuclear Fission (US)
  • Nuclear Fusion : Energy for the Future (Canada)
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation (US)
  • Nuclear Non-Proliferation Information (US)
  • Nuclear Power (Finland)
  • Nuclear Power Project (Canada)
  • Nuclear Power Project (US)
  • Nuclear Power Site (US)
  • Nuclear Power - Selected Reference Sources (US)
  • Nuclear Proliferation (US)
  • Nuclear Reactors (US)
  • Nuclear Waste: What do you know about it? (US)   EN 
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal - A Mounting Problem (US)
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal: Physics 101 (US)
  • Nuking #1: Decommissioning San Onofre’s Unit One Reactor (US)
  • Power & Energy Resources for Technology Education (US)
  • The production of nuclear waste (US)
  • Renewable Energy Project (UK)
  • Rocky Run Middle School (US)
  • Strontium-90 Kills Us (US)
  • Temelin NPP Case Study (US)
  • Waste Disposal (US)
  • ZBTHS Nuclear Energy Project (US)

    Personal links pages

  • Ari Ikosen kotisivu (Finland)
  • B.Wahlstrom's Book Shelf (Finland)
  • Britz's Cold Nuclear Fusion Bibliography (Denmark)
  • col's Environmental links (US)
  • Cold Fusion Links (US)
  • Cyber Nukes (US)
  • Dennis Coates' Homepage (US)
  • Dr.-Ing. Thomas Malkow's Bookmarks (UK)
  • DS Warner Links Page (US)
  • Family Derivatives Nuclear Power Links (US)
  • Gestió de residus (Spain)
  • Guida ai documenti di radioprotezione (Italy)
  • Human Ecology Links on Nuclear Energy (US)
  • jon ivar skullerud's Bookmarks (Australia)
  • Kernphysik - Teilchen (Germany)
  • Kurt Dahl's Nuclear Links (US)
  • Lance's Environmental Page (US)
  • Machaon Nuclear Links (Russia)
  • Ms. Dahl's Research Page (US)
  • My Radiation Resource Page (US)   EN 
  • NucLib Nuclear Library (US)
  • Research Papers on Radon (India)   EN 
  • Stefan Schönhackers Strahlenschutz-Seiten (Austria)   DE 


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