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Hot topics

Nuclear and radiation related issues are often hot items in the news. The links on this page deal with topics and issues that have recently been covered extensively.

Note: Links identified with are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You may need a special plugin to access these pages. Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .

Bikini Atoll / Marshall Islands

  • Atomic Veterans Photo Album - Bikini Atoll (US)   EN 
  • Bikini Atoll (Marshall Islands)   EN 
  • Bikini Atoll Field Studies (US)   EN 
  • Bikini Atoll - An Internet Hotlist (US)   EN 
  • Bikini Atoll - Operazione Crossroads (Italy)   IT 
  • IAEA Radiological Study (IAEA)   EN 
  • IHP Marshall Islands Program (US)   EN 
  • Marshall Islands Bikini Atoll Eclectic Bibliography (Australia)   EN 
  • Marshall Islands Nationwide Radiological Study (US)   EN 
  • Marshall Islands Nuclear Claims Tribunal (US)   EN 
  • Nuclear Testing in the Marshall Islands: A Chronology of Events (US)   EN 
  • Paradise lost - 'for the good of mankind' (UK)   EN 
  • Preliminary external-dose estimates for future Bikini Atoll (US)   EN 

    Chernobyl / Chornobyl

  • (Russia)   RU 
  • BBC News: Chernobyl Shutdown - Dec 15, 2000 (US)   EN 
  • (Belarus)   RU 
  • Chernobyl + 15 (IAEA)   EN 
  • Chernobyl: A Nuclear Disaster (US)   EN 
  • Chernobyl: Assessment of Radiological & Health Impacts (International)   EN 
  • The Chernobyl Accident & Its Consequences (US)   EN 
  • Chernobyl Annotated Bibliography (US)   EN 
  • Chernobyl & Nuclear Safety Internet Resources (Japan)   EN / JP 
  • Chernobyl Charity Online (Ukraine)   UA 
  • Chernobyl City of Disaster (US)   EN 
  • Chernobyl Forum (IAEA)   EN 
  • Chernobyl Journal (Belarus)   RU 
  • Chernobyl Liquidators Project (US)   EN 
  • Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (UK)   EN 
  • Chernobyl Plume: Country-By-Country Summary (US)   EN 
  • Chernobyl 10 Years After (Czech Republic)   EN 
  • Chernobyl Union of Russia (Russia)   RU / EN 
  • (US)   EN 
  • (Switzerland)   EN / DE / RU 
  • (Italy)   IT 
  • (US)   EN 
  • The Chornobyl [Chernobyl] Accident & the Future of Nuclear Energy (US)   EN 
  • Chornobyl Center for Nuclear Safety, Radioactive Waste & Radioecology (Ukraine)   EN / RU 
  • The Chornobyl CyberSpace Parliament (Ukraine)   EN 
  • The Chornobyl Nuclear Accident & it's Ramifications (Canada)   EN 
  • The Closing of Chernobyl: Improving Safety at Soviet-Designed Nuclear Power Plants (US)   EN 
  • CNN: Chernobyl Shutdown - Dec 15, 2000 (US)   EN 
  • Die Folgen von Tschernobyl (Germany)   DE 
  • Effects of The Chernobyl Accident (US)   EN 
  • Environmental Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident and their Remediation: Twenty Years of Experience (IAEA)   EN 
  • Facts About Chernobyl Disaster (Belarus)   EN 
  • The French-German Initiative for Chernobyl (Germany)   EN 
  • ICC - International Chornobyl Center (Ukraine)   RU / EN 
  • Japan Chernobyl Foundation (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • Kommentiertes Register des Sachgebietes Tschernobyl-Folgen (Germany)   DE 
  • A Major Cause of the Chernobyl Accident (US)   EN 
  • Progetto Humus (Italy)   IT / EN / RU 
  • Reactor accidents - Chernobyl (Hungary)   EN 
  • Reaktorbalesetek - Csernobil (Hungary)   HU 
  • Russian National Report on Chernobyl Accident Consequences (Russia)   EN 
  • The Shame of Ukraine : Chernobyl (US)   EN 
  • Technical Overview of the Chernobyl Accident (US)   EN 
  • TESEC - European Centre of Technological Safety (Ukraine)   EN / UA 
  • Tschernobyl-Berichterstattung (Germany)   DE / EN 
  • UIC Report - Chornobyl & Soviet Reactors (Australia)   EN 
  • WNA Report Chernobyl Accident (International)   EN 

    DU - Depleted Uranium

  • Bibliography: Military Use of Depleted Uranium (Netherlands)   EN 
  • CADU - Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (UK)   EN 
  • Depleted UF6 Management Information Network (US)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium (US)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium Archive (Serbia)   EN / SB 
  • Depleted Uranium: A Medical Disaster (Netherlands)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium: A Post-War Disaster (UK)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium - Guardian Special Report (UK)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium: The Invisible Threat (US)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium Education Project (US)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium Links (Canada)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium Watch (UK)   EN 
  • Depleted Uranium weapons in 2001-2002 (UK)   EN 
  • DU FAQ (US)   EN 
  • DU in Kuwait (IAEA)   EN 
  • DU in YU (Yugoslavia)   SB / EN 
  • DUCJ - Depleted Uranium Center of Japan (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • DU Library (US)   EN 
  • DULink (US)   EN 
  • ELINT - The Electronic Intelligence & Depleted Uranium Info Site (UK)   EN 
  • The Fire This Time: Depleted Uranium (US)   EN 
  • IDUST - International Depleted Uranium Study Team (US)   EN 
  • Issues on the Use and Effects of Depleted Uranium Weapons (Malaysia)   EN 
  • NATO Info on Depleted Uranium (International)   EN 
  • Review of Radioactivity, Military Use, & Health Effects of Depleted Uranium (US)   EN 
  • Silver Bullet: Depleted Uranium (Canada)   EN 
  • Trail of a Bullet: Depleted Uranium (US)   EN 
  • UKMOD Depleted Uranium News (UK)   EN 
  • UMRC - Uranium Medical Research Centre (Canada)   EN 
  • Uranio, la controinformazione Web (Italy)   IT 
  • Uranmunition (Germany)   DE 
  • Wetenschappelijke Onderbouwing Uraniumbesmetting (Netherlands)   NL 
  • WHO Factsheet on DU (International)   EN 

    Food irradiation

  • CNN Report on Food Irradiation (US)   EN 
  • Facts about Food Irradiation (IAEA)   EN 
  • Food Info Net (US)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation (Australia)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation (US)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation Facilities Database (IAEA)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation FAQ (US)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation: A Global Food Safety Tool (US)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation: A Safe Measure (US)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation Campaign (New Zealand)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation Info Website (US)   EN 
  • Food irradiation - Its benefits & limitations (Australia)   EN 
  • Food Irradiation Today (US)   EN 
  • (US)   EN 
  • ICGFI - International Consultative Group on Food Irradiation (IAEA)   EN 
  • Stop Food Irradiation Project (US)   EN 
  • The Time Has Come for Consumers to Demand Irradiated Safe Food (US)   EN 
  • WHO Press Release on Food Irradiation (International)   EN 

    MOX fuel & Plutonium

  • Chalk River test to inaugurate Basin plutonium economy (Canada)   EN 
  • The Disposition of Weapons-grade Plutonium as MOX Fuel in Canadian Reactors (Canada)   EN 
  • The Economic Geography of the Russian Mox Program (Russia)   EN 
  • The Economics of Using Plutonium as MOX (US)   EN 
  • Immobilization vs. Pu/MOX Fuel (US)   EN 
  • MOX Fuel Fabrication (Japan)   EN 
  • MOX Fuel Links (US)   EN 
  • MOX Fuel Transportation in Canada (Canada)   EN 
  • MOX Fuel Use in France & Belgium (International)   EN 
  • MOX fuels for reduced actinide generation (India)   EN 
  • NMFA - Nuclear Materials Focus Area (US)   EN 
  • Nuclear Nonproliferation & Safety: Uncertainties About the Implementation of US-Russian Plutonium Disposition Efforts (US)   EN 
  • Plutonium MOX Fuel Initiative (Canada)   EN / FR 
  • Reactor Operation with MOX Fuel (US)   EN 
  • Russian MOX Fuel Overview (US)   EN 
  • Spacecraft Power for Cassini (US)   EN 
  • Status & Advances in MOX Fuel Technology (IAEA)   EN 
  • Stop MOX Fuel (US)   EN 
  • The Transportation of MOX Fuel (Germany)   EN 
  • UIC Report - Japanese Waste & MOX Shipments from Europe (Australia)   EN 
  • UIC Report - Mixed Oxide Fuel [MOX] (Australia)   EN 
  • UK DEFRA MOX Issues (UK)   EN 
  • Use of Mixed Oxide Fuel in Power Reactors (US)   EN 
  • WAND Nix Mox Bulletin Board (US)   EN 
  • WNA MOX Issue Brief (International)   EN 

    Pangea international repository proposal

  • ARIUS - Association for Regional & International Underground Storage (Switzerland)   EN 
  • Global Nuclear Waste Dump for WA? (Australia)   EN 
  • International Nuclear Waste Disposal Concept (Australia)   EN 
  • The Pangea Proposal (Australia)   EN 

    Polonium-210 (Po-210)

  • BBC News - What is Polonium 210 (UK)   EN 
  • CDC Radiation Emergencies - Polonium-210 (US)   EN 
  •   Guidance for Public Health Departments & Clinicians (US)   EN 
  • Fact Sheet on Polonium-210 (IAEA)   EN 
  • Guide to polonium: Questions & answers (US)   EN 
  • Health Protection Agency - Polonium 210 (UK)   EN 
  •   Monitoring programme for Polonium-210 carried out by HPA in premises & other sites relevant to public health (UK)   EN 
  • HPS Nuclide Data Safety Sheet Po-210 (US)   EN 
  • HPS Polonium Information Sheet (US)   EN 
  • Polonium (US)   EN 
  • Polonium - chemical properties, health & environmental effects(Netherlands)   EN / NL / FR / DE / ES 
  • Polonium: Detection & Measurement of Po-210 Contamination (Germany)   EN 
  • Post-mortem concentrations of Po-210 in tissues of cigarette smokers & non-smokers (US)   EN 
  • Puffing on polonium (US)   EN 
  • Radioactive Polonium in Tobacco (US)   EN 
  • Radioactive Tobacco (US)   EN 
  • The Radiochemistry of Polonium (US)   EN 
  • Visual Elements - Polonium (UK)   EN 
  • Where Polonium Comes From (Germany)   EN 

    Radiation hormesis

  • BELLE - Biological Effects of Low Level Exposures (US)   EN 
  • BERC - Biological Effects of Radiation & Chemicals (US)   EN 
  • Beneficial Radiation & Regulations (Poland)   EN 
  • BRER - Board on Radiation Effects Research (US)   EN 
  • The Cancer Risk From Low Level Radiation: A Review of Recent Evidence (US)   EN 
  • l'Effet Hormesis (Japan)   FR 
  •   Hormesis Effect (Japan)   EN 
  • GIRI - International Research Group on Very Low Dose & High Dilution Effects (International)   EN / FR 
  • Health Effects of Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation (Iran)   EN 
  • The Hormetic Zone, Habitats & Phantom Radiation Risks (Australia)   EN 
  • ICLDRR - International Centre for Low Dose Radiation Research (Canada)   EN 
  • Ionizing Radiation Hormesis (South Korea)   KR / EN 
  • Low Doses of Ionising Radiation Incurred at Low Dose Rate (Japan)   EN 
  • Radiation Effects at Low Doses (US)   EN 
  • Radiation Hormesis - Biopositive Effect of Radiations (US)   EN 
  • Radiation Hormesis - Origins, History, Scientific Foundations (US)   EN 
  • Radiation Hormesis - Q&A (US)   EN 
  • Radiation Hormesis & Zero-Risk Threshold Dose (Germany)   EN 
  • RERF - Radiation Effects Research Foundation (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • The Rise & Fall of Chemical & Radiation Hormesis (US)   EN 
  • Risk Estimates of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation (Australia)   EN 
  • Web References for Low Level Radiation (US)   EN 

    Three Mile Island

  • The Accident at Three Mile Island (US)   EN 
  • El accidente nuclear de Three Mile Island (Argentina)   ES 
  • EPA History - Three Mile Island (US)   EN 
  • Incident at Three Mile Island (US)   EN 
  • Inside Three Mile Island - Minute by Minute (US)   EN 
  • Living on Earth - Three Mile Island: 20 Years Later (US)   EN 
  • A Look Back at Three Mile Island (Czech Republic)   EN 
  • Meltdown at Three Mile Island (US)   EN 
  • The Meltdown at Three Mile Island (US)   EN 
  • NRC Fact Sheet on the Accident at Three Mile Island (US)   EN 
  • Reactor accidents - Three Mile Island (Hungary)   EN 
  • Reaktorbalesetek - Three Mile Island (Hungary)   HU 
  • Report of the President's Commission on the Accident at TMI (US)   EN 
  • Three Mile Island (US)   EN / FR 
  • Three Mile Island - A Nuclear Disaster (Canada)   EN 
  • Three Mile Island Fact File (UK)   EN 
  • Three Mile Island: Myths & Facts (US)   EN 
  • Three Mile Island - 20 Years Later (US)   EN 
  • Three Mile Island accident: Brief history of INEEL support (US)   EN 
  • Three Mile Island Data Revisited (US)   EN 
  • Three Mile Island's Puzzling Legacy (US)   EN 
  • TMI: A 20th Anniversary Remembrance (US)   EN 
  • TMI: The Rest of the Story... (US)   EN 
  • TMIA - Three Mile Island Alert (US)   EN 
  • TMI-CMN - Three Mile Island Citizens' Monitoring Network (US)   EN 
  • The TMI 2 Accident - Its Impact, Its Lessons (US)   EN 
  • TMI-2 Recovery & Decontamination Collection (US)   EN 
  • UIC Report - Three Mile Island (Australia)   EN 
  • What Have We Learned After 17 Years from TMI & 10 Years from Chernobyl Accidents (US)   EN 
  • WNA TMI-2 Issue Brief (International)   EN 

    Tokai accident

  • Accident at the Tokai-Mura Fuel Conversion Plant (Japan)   EN 
  • L'accident de Tokaï-Mura (France)   FR 
  • Accident de Tokaî Mura (France)   FR 
  • BBC News Reports on Tokai (UK)   EN 
  • Breaking News on Tokai (US)   EN 
  • The Criticality Accident at Tokai-mura (Japan)   EN 
  • Digital News Report on Tokai (US)   EN 
  • GRS News Reports on Tokai (Germany)   DE 
  • IAEA Press Releases on Tokai (IAEA)   EN 
  •   IAEA Report on Preliminary Fact-Finding Mission (International)   EN 
  • ISIS Chronology of the Tokaimura Nuclear Accident (US)   EN 
  •   ISIS Report on Tokai (US)   EN 
  • Japanese Nuclear Accident Message Board (US)   EN 
  • Japan's First Nuclear Criticality Accident at a Fuel Conversion Facility (Japan)   EN 
  • NAPSNet Special Reports on Tokai Accident (US)   EN 
  • News of the Hour Report on Tokai (US)   EN 
  • News of Tokai-mura (Japan)   JP / EN 
  • NRC Review of the Tokai-Mura Criticality Accident & Lessons Learned (US)   EN 
  • Pages speciales Tokaimura (France)   FR 
  • Pu Investigation Reports on Tokai (France)   EN 
  •   Pu Investigation Reports on Tokai (France)   FR 
  • Tokaimura (Netherlands)   NL 
  • Tokaimura Accident - Third Party Liability & Compensation Aspects (International)   EN 
  •   L’Accident de Tokai-Mura au Japon Aspects de Responsabilité Civile Nucléaire et de Réparation (International)   FR 
  • The Tokaï Mura Criticality Accident (France)   EN 
  •   L'Accident de Criticité de Tokaï Mura (France)   FR 
  • Tokaimura Nuclear Accident: It's Causes, Health & Environmental Effects (US)   EN 
  • Tokaimura Nuclear Accident: Nuclear Energy & Reactor Safety (US)   EN 
  • Tokaimura Nuclear Accident from an Occupational Safety & Health Viewpoint (Hong Kong)   EN 
  • UIC Report on Tokai (Australia)   EN 
  • What Happened at Tokaimura? (US)   EN 
  • WISE Reports on Tokai (Netherlands)   EN 
  • WNA Report on Tokai (International)   EN 
  • Workshop on The Criticality Accident at Tokai-mura (Japan)   EN 

    WIPP - Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

  • CFDA 81.106: Transport of Transuranic Wastes to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (US)   EN 
  • Characterization of Remote-Handled Transuranic Waste for WIPP (US)   EN 
  • Disposal of U233 in the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (US)   EN 
  • EEG - The Environmental Evaluation Group (US)   EN 
  • Environmental Health Center WIPP Info Site (US)   EN 
  • EPA Region 6 WIPP Info Site (US)   EN 
  • Eyeballing the Nuclear Transuranic Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (US)   EN 
  • NAS Committee on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (US)   EN 
  • NM WIPP Transportation Safety Program (US)   EN 
  • NMED WIPP Information Page (US)   EN 
  • Nuclear Reactions (US)   EN 
  • Nuclear Watch NM WIPP Pages (US)   EN 
  • Truck Shipment Routes to the WIPP (US)   EN 
  • Updated Status of WIPP Repository   EN 
  • Westinghouse TRU Solutions (US)   EN 
  • Why Salt? (US)   EN 
  • WIPP Document Center (US)   EN 
  • WIPP Field Trip (US)   EN 
  • WIPP Project Factsheet (US)   EN 
  • WIPP Project official site (US)   EN 

    Yucca mountain repository

  • Churchill County Repository Planning & Oversight Program (US)   EN 
  • Clark County Nuclear Waste Division (US)   EN 
  • EPA Yucca Mountain Homepage (US)   EN 
  • Esmeralda County Yucca Mountain Oversight Program (US)   EN 
  • Eureka County Yucca Mountain Information Office (US)   EN 
  • EWG Nuclear Waste Route Atlas (US)   EN 
  • Inyo County Yucca Mountain Assessment Office (US)   EN 
  • Joint NEA-IAEA International Peer Review of the Yucca Mountain Site Characterisation Project (International)   EN 
  • Lander County Yucca Mountain Oversight Program (US)   EN 
  • LII guide to Yucca Mountain (US)   EN 
  • Lincoln County Yucca Mountain Oversight Program   EN 
  • Mineral County Nuclear Projects Office (US)   EN 
  • MPIRG's Yucca Mountain Page (US)   EN 
  • NCAI Nuclear Waste Program (US)   EN 
  • Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office (US)   EN 
  • Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force (US)   EN 
  • NNSB - Nevadans for Nuclear Safety & Benefits - formerly Yucca Mountain Study Committee (US)   EN 
  • NSC - EHC Guide to Yucca Mountain (US)   EN 
  • (US)   EN 
  • NWTRB - Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board (US)   EN 
  • Nye County Nuclear Waste Repository Project Office (US)   EN 
  • One Step at a Time: The Staged Development of Geologic Repositories for High-Level Radioactive Waste (US)   EN 
  • Recommendation by the Secretary of Energy Regarding the Suitability of the Yucca Mountain Site (US)   EN 
  •   Abraham Praises U.S. Senate Approval of Yucca Mountain (US)   EN 
  •   President Bush's Recommendation to Congress (US)   EN 
  •   Statutory Materials Supporting the Recommendation (US)   EN 
  • Reno Gazette-Journal Special Report - Yucca Mountain (US)   EN 
  • A Review of the President's Recommendation to Develop a Nuclear Waste Repository at Yucca Mountain (US)   EN 
  • Road to Yucca Mountain (US)   EN 
  • Summary of Hearings on Yucca Mountain HLW Disposal (US)   EN 
  • White Pine County Nuclear Waste Project Office (US)   EN 
  • Yucca Mountain Characterization Project (US)   EN 
  • Yucca Mountain: The Battle For National Energy Policy (US)   EN 
  • Yucca Mountain (US)   EN 
  • Yucca Mountain Information Center (US)   EN 
  • Yucca Mountain Opposition Statement (US)   EN 
  • Yucca Mountain Project Civil Rights Lawsuit (US)   EN 


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