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Laws & regulations

The nuclear industry is highly regulated. The laws and regulations are often complex and overlapping, involving several government ministries, departments, and/or agencies. In many countries, individual states, provinces, and/or regional governments may also be involved in the regulatory process.

The laws and regulations typically provide licensing of various aspects of the nuclear industry; government oversight; setting of standards (both technical and environmental); and protection of human health from radiological (and other) hazards.

In the following links, an attempt has been made to identify specific laws and regulations that are applicable to radioactive wastes in various countries.

Note: Links identified with are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You may need a special plugin to access these pages.

Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .


  • Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty
  • EEL - European Environmental Law Homepage
  • EU Radiation Protection Legislation   EN 
  • Euratom Legislation
  • Handbook on Nuclear Law   EN 
  • IAEA Conventions & Legal Agreements   EN 
  •   CACNARE - Assistance in the Case of Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency   EN 
  •   CENNA - Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident   EN 
  •   CPPN - Physical Protection of Nuclear Material   EN 
  •   CNS - Nuclear Safety   EN 
  •   Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management & on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management   EN 
  •   Vienna Convention on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage   EN 
  • IAEA Related Treaties & Conventions   EN 
  • IAEA Safety Standards
  •   Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material 1996 Edition - As Amended 2003 - Safety Requirements   EN 
  • INF Code - Int'l Code for the Safe Carriage of Packaged Irradiated Nuclear Fuel, Plutonium & High-Level Radioactive Wastes on Board Ships
  • International Regulation of Nuclear Fuel Cycles: Issues for East Asia (US)
  • South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty


  • Guias Regulatorias ARN   ES 
  • Las Normas Regulatorias ARN   ES 
  • Ley Nacional de la Actividad Nuclear   ES 


  • Code of Practice for the Near-surface Disposal of Radioactive Waste
  • Environmental Legislation
  • NDRP - National Directory for Radiation Protection   EN 
  • Radiation Protection Regulations & Standards
  • Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Bill 1998
  • Radiation Safety Acts


  • Safe Use of Nuclear Energy Act   EN 


  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act   EN 
  •   Évaluation environnementale   FR 
  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act   EN 
  •   Protection de l'environnement   FR 
  • Canadian Laws & Statutes   EN 
  •   Lois et Règlements codifiés   FR 
  • Nuclear Energy Act   EN 
  •   Énergie nucléaire   FR 
  • Nuclear Fuel Waste Act   EN 
  •   Déchets de combustible nucléaire   FR 
  • Nuclear Liability Act   EN 
  •   Responsabilité nucléaire   FR 
  • Nuclear Safety & Control Act   EN 
  •   Sûreté et la réglementation nucléaires   FR 
  •   Regulations under the Nuclear Safety & Control Act   EN 
  •   Regulatory documents   EN 
  • Radiation Emitting Devices Act   EN 
  •   Dispositifs émettant des radiations   FR 
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act   EN 
  •   Transport des marchandises dangereuses   FR 

    Costa Rica

  • Regulación de radiaciones ionizantes

    Czech Republic

  • Atomic Act   EN 


  • Waigani Convention to Ban the Importation into Forum Island Countries of Hazardous & Radioactive Wastes


  • LOI n° 91-1381 relative aux recherches sur la gestion des déchets radioactifs


  • German Nuclear Phaseout Agreement
  • Law of Radioactive Decay
  • Strahlenschutzrecht


  • Radiation Protection Act
  • Radiation Protection Regulations


  • Norme di legge per l'impiego delle radiazioni ionizzanti


  • The Atomic Energy Basic Law
  • Tokai-NOAH Agreement


  • Act on Radiation Safety & Nuclear Safety    EN 


  • Law on Nuclear Energy
  • Regulations on Nuclear Energy

    New Zealand

  • Radiation Protection Regulations & Standards


  • Atomic Law

    Slovak Republic

  • Atomic Act

    South Africa

  • National Nuclear Regulator Act


  • CSN - Legislacion


  • Förordning (1984:14) om kärnteknisk verksamhet
  • SKI Legislation


  • HSK Regulatory Guides   DE / FR 
  • Strahlenschutzrecht


  • Radioactive Materials Management Act
  • Radwaste Management Policy


  • Nuclear legislation   EN 

    United Kingdom

  • Acts of Parliament
  • Atomic Energy Act
  • Atomic Weapons Establishment Act
  • Control & Remediation of Radioactively Contaminated Land
  • Control of Pollution Amendment Act
  • Draft Nuclear Sites & Radioactive Substances Bill   EN 
  • Electricity Act
  • Environment Protection Act
  • Nuclear Explosions Prohibition & Inspections Act
  • Nuclear Legislation & regulation   EN 
  • Planning Hazardous Substances Act
  • Planning Hazardous Substances Scotland Act
  • Radioactive Material Road Transport Act
  • Radioactive Substances Act
  • Radiological Protection Act
  • Statutory Instruments
  • Waste Minimisation Act

    United States
    CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

  • CFR Search
  • Title 10 - Energy
  • Title 32 - National Defense
  • Title 40 - Protection of the Environment
  • Title 49 - Transportation

    USC - United States Code

  • USC Search
  • Title 33 Ch. 26 - Water Pollution Prevention & Control
  • Title 42 Ch. 23 - Development & Control of Atomic Energy
  • Title 42 Ch. 55 - National Environmental Policy
  • Title 42 Ch. 82 - Solid Waste Disposal
  • Title 42 Ch. 84 - Department of Energy
  • Title 42 Ch. 104 - Nuclear Safety Research & Development
  • Title 42 Ch. 103 - CERCLA
  • Title 42 Ch. 108 - Nuclear Waste Policy

    Other Federal

  • CFDA 77.001: Radiation Control Training Assistance & Advisory Counseling
  • CFDA 81.065: Nuclear Waste Disposal Siting
  • CFDA 81.106: Transport of Transuranic Wastes to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant
  • DOE Directives   EN 
  • DOT Legislation & Regulations
  • EPA Rules & Regulations
  • LLRW Policy Act (1985)
  • NRC Inspection Manual
  • NRC Rule Making Forum
  • NRC Rules & Regulations
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Funds Clarification Act   EN 
  • Nuclear Waste Independent Review Act
  • Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1997
  • Texas LLRW Disposal Compact Consent Act
  • Waste Export & Import Prohibition Act


  • Central Midwest Radioactive Waste Compact Act
  • Illinois LLRW Statutes
  • Illinois Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Act
  • Illinois Nuclear Safety Acts 420 ILCS
  • Illinois Radioactive Waste Storage Act
  • Illinois Radioactive Waste Compact Enforcement Act 45 ILCS 141
  • Ohio Chapter 3747: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Act
  • State-by-state LLRW regulation
  • Utah Code Title 19 Chapter 03 - Radiation Control Act

    Other resources

  • American Bar Association (US)
  • Australasian Legal Information Institute (Australia)
  • Compendium of Michigan Environmental Statutes & Regulations (US)
  • E.B. Williams Environmental Law Library
  • EcoThoughts Canadian Environmental Statutes (Canada)
  • ENTRI - Environmental Treaties & Resource Indicators (US)
  • Environmental Information Center (US)
  • FindLaw (US)
  • 40 (US)
  • GlobeLaw (US)
  • Infolaw (UK)
  • NIPR - New Ideas in Pollution Regulation (US)
  • Overview of Nuclear Legislation in Central & Eastern Europe (NEA)
  • Overview of Nuclear Safety & Radiation Protection Legislation in the EU (International)   EN 
  • Pace Virtual Environmental Law Library (US)
  • Regulation of Nuclear Waste & Reactor Safety Within the CIS (US)
  • The regulatory control of radioactive waste management in NEA member countries (International)   EN 
  • Studies of Nuclear Hazards & Constitutional Law (US)
  • THOMAS - Legislative Information (US)
  • Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment & Development (Norway)   EN 

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