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The links on this page point to miscellaneous technical reports about radioactive waste, radiation and other nuclear related topics. Note: Links identified with are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You may need a special plugin to access these pages. Note: Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .

Technical reports and papers

  • Accelerator Driven Nuclear Energy Systems (Australia)
  • ACERP - Arizona Comparative Environmental Risk Project (US)
  • Acheson-Lilienthal 1946 Report on the International Control of Atomic Energy (US)
  • Advancing Nuclear Monitoring Technology (US)
  • An Analysis & Visualization of the Risk Associated with the Potential Failure of Indonesian Nuclear Reactors (Australia)
  • ANS Nuclear Engineering Sourcebook (US)
  • Atomic energy & the environment (International)
  • L'aval du cycle nucléaire (France)
  • A Background Briefing on Radioactive Pollution (US)
  • Barnwell Interim Site Stabilization & Closure Plan (US)
  • BEIR VI - Health Effects of Exposure to Indoor Radon (US)
  • Biblioteca di Documentazione Energetica (Italy)   IT 
  • A Brief Overview of Low Level Nuclear Waste (US)
  • Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (Australia)
  • Categorization of Radioactive Sources (IAEA)   EN 
  • Characterization, Treatment & Conditioning of Radioactive Graphite from Decommissioning of Nuclear Reactors (IAEA)   EN 
  • The chemical basis of near-field containment in the Swiss HLW disposal concept (Switzerland)
  • Clearance Levels for Radionuclides in Solid Materials (IAEA)   EN 
  • Clearance of Materials Resulting from the Use of Radionuclides in Medicine, Industry & Research (IAEA)   EN 
  • Comparison & Cross-Reference of Commercial LLW Acceptance Criteria (US)
  • Comparison of Life-Cycle Costs for LLW Management (US)
  • Comparison of LLW Disposal Programs of DOE & Selected International Countries (US)
  • Composite Analysis for Low-Level Waste Disposal (US)
  • Confidence in the Long-term Safety of Deep Geological Repositories (International)
  • Consideration of Early Closure or Continued Operation of a Nuclear Power Plant (IAEA)   EN 
  • Copper's Role in Radioactive Waste Disposal III: The US Experience (US)
  • Copper's Role in the Safe Disposal of Radioactive Waste (US)
  • Country Nuclear Fuel Cycle Profiles - Second Edition (IAEA)   EN 
  • Critical Role of the UN in Ensuring the Safety of Nuclear Power Plants (US)
  • Current Requirements for the Conditioning, Packaging & Storage of ILW (UK)
  • The Danish nation-wide Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Concept (Denmark)   EN 
  • Decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants: Policies, Strategies & Costs (NEA)   EN 
  • Decommissioning of Facilities Using Radioactive Material - Safety Requirements (IAEA)   EN 
  • Decommissioning of Research Reactors: Evolution, State of the Art, Open Issues (IAEA)   EN 
  • Derivation of Activity Concentration Values for Exclusion, Exemption & Clearance (IAEA)   EN 
  • Derivation of clearance levels for naturally occurring radioactive materials in liquid & gas or vapour forms (UK)
  • Derivation of clearance levels for solid radioactive materials (UK)
  • Design Study & Cost Estimate for an Assured Isolation Facility (US)
  • Detection & Response to Radioactive Materials at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills (US)    EN 
  • Determining the Quality of Probabilistic Safety Assessment for Applications in Nuclear Power Plants (IAEA)   EN 
  • Development of Specifications for Radioactive Waste Packages (IAEA)   EN 
  • Disposal Options for Disused Radioactive Sources (IAEA)   EN 
  • EcoIndiana: Environmental Contaminants (US)
  • Economic Forecast Study of the Nuclear Power Option (France)   EN 
  • Economic Impact of the Nuclear Industry in Canada (Canada)   EN 
  • EKRA - Le groupe d’experts pour les modèles de gestion des déchets radioactifs (Switzerland)
  • Elements of Power Plant Design for Inertial Fusion Energy (IAEA)   EN 
  • Emergency Notification & Assistance Technical Operations Manual (IAEA)   EN 
  • Enabling Nuclear Innovation (UK)   EN 
  • Environmental Consequences of the Chernobyl Accident and their Remediation: Twenty Years of Experience (IAEA)   EN 
  • Environmental Monitoring for Nuclear Safeguards (US)
  • EPA OSWER Key Radiation Guidance & Reports (US)
  • EPA Proposed Rule - Storage, Treatment, Transportation, & Disposal of Mixed Waste (US)
  • Estimating nuclear waste production in India (India)
  • EU External Advisory Group Report on Nuclear Fission (International)
  • Evaluation of the Extended Care Fund Barnwell LLW Disposal Facility (US)
  • Evaluation of Guidelines for Exposures to TENORM (US)
  • An Evaluation of Options for Managing Greater-Than-Class-C Low-Level Radioactive Waste (US)
  • Experience Gained from Fires in Nuclear Power Plants: Lessons Learned (IAEA)   EN 
  • EXTECH IV - Athabasca Uranium Multidisciplinary Study (Canada)   EN / FR 
  • Extent of Environmental Contamination by Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material & Technological Options for Mitigation (IAEA)   EN 
  • Final disposal of spent nuclear fuel in Sweden (Sweden)
  • Financial Aspects of Decommissioning (IAEA)   EN 
  • FT Forum: Does nuclear power still have a role in the international energy balance? (UK)
  • Fundamental Safety Principles - Safety Standards Series No. SF-1 (IAEA)   EN 
  • Geologic Disposal in Political Time (US)
  • Geological Problems in Radioactive Waste Isolation: The Second World Wide Review (US)
  • Geology of Ward Valley (US)
  • German Nuclear Phaseout Agreement (Germany)
  • A Guide to Foreign Research Reactor Spent Fuel (US)
  • A Guide to the USDOE’s Low-Level Radioactive Waste (US)
  • High Level Nuclear Waste: A Safe, Permanent Solution (US)
  • History of the International Atomic Energy Agency: The First Forty Years (IAEA)   EN 
  • A History of Sea Dumping off Australia & its Territories (Australia)
  • Hot Demonstrations of Nuclear-Waste Processing Technologies (US)
  • Human Factors in Large-Scale Technological Systems' Accidents: TMI, Bhopal, Chernobyl (US)
  • Impact of the Year 2000 [Y2K] Problem on Nuclear Installation Safety (International)
  • Improvements of Radioactive Waste Management at WWER Nuclear Power Plants (IAEA)   EN 
  • Improving the Regulation & Management of Low-Activity Radioactive Wastes (US)   EN 
  • Indicators of Sustainable Development (Italy)
  • Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Storage in the UK (UK)
  • International Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage, Reprocessing & Disposal (US)
  • Inventory of Radionuclides for the Great Lakes (US)
  • ISOLUS Phase 1 Report (UK)
  • Issues & Trends in Radioactive Waste Management (IAEA)   EN 
  • Learning & Adapting to Societal Requirements for Radioactive Waste Management (NEA)   EN 
  • Licensing an Assured Isolation Facility for LLW Vol 1: Licensing Strategy & Issues (US)
  • Licensing an Assured Isolation Facility for LLW Vol 2: Recommendations (US)
  • Life-Cycle Cost Study for a LLW Disposal Facility (US)
  • Life-Cycle Costs for Disposal & Assured Isolation of LLW in Connecticut (US)
  • The Long-Term Stabilization of Uranium Mill Tailings (IAEA)   EN 
  • Low-level Radioactive Waste (Canada)
  • LLW Siting Toward the Development of More Effective Policy Through Understanding Failure (US)
  • Maintaining the Design Integrity of Nuclear Installations Throughout Their Operating Life (IAEA)   EN 
  • Management & Disposal of California's LLRW (US)
  • Management of Problematic Waste & Material Generated During the Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities (IAEA)   EN 
  • Management of Spent Fuel at Nuclear Power Plants (IAEA)
  • Managing Radioactive Waste (International)
  • Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Consultative Document (UK)
  • Maximum Individual & Vicinity-Average Dose for a Geologic Repository Containing Radioactive Waste (US)
  • Methods for Maintaining a Record of Waste Packages during Waste Processing & Storage (IAEA)   EN 
  • Monitoring Nuclear Explosions (Australia)
  • Multilateral Approaches to the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (IAEA)   EN 
  • Natural Activity Concentrations & Fluxes as Indicators for the Safety Assessment of Radioactive Waste Disposal (IAEA)   EN 
  • NDA Draft Strategy for Consultation (UK)   EN 
  • New Hampshire Comparative Risk Project (US)
  • New York State's Comparative Risk Project (US)
  • Nuclear Electric Utilities & Year 2000 - An Overview (US)
  • Nuclear France: materials and sites (US)
  • Nuclear Power Generation & Fuel Cycle Report (US)
  • The Nuclear Power Industry's Ageing Workforce: Transfer of Knowledge to the Next Generation (IAEA)   EN 
  • Nuclear Power Plant Accidents: A Guide for Informed Citizen Response (US)
  • Nuclear Power Plant Life Management Processes: Guidelines & Practices for Heavy Water Reactors (IAEA)   EN 
  • Nuclear Regulation: Strategy Needed to Regulate Safety Using Information on Risk (US)
  • Nuclear Safeguards & the IAEA (US)
  • Nuclear Safety & Security (Canada)
  • NEA Nuclear Waste Bulletin - Update on Waste Management Policies & Programmes, 2000 Edition (International)
  • Nuclear Waste Cleanup: Progress Made but DOE Management Attention Needed to Increase Use of Innovative Technologies (US)
  • Nuclear Waste: DOE's Accelerated Cleanup Strategy Has Benefits but Faces Uncertainties (US)
  • A Nuclear Waste Dump in Your Home Town? (US)
  • Nuclear waste forms for actinides (US)
  • Nuclear Waste in Your Backyard (US)
  • Nuclear Waste: Process to Remove Radioactive Waste From Savannah River Tanks Fails to Work (US)
  • Nuclear Wastes in the Arctic (US)
  • NUREG-1307 Waste Burial Charges: Changes in Decommissioning Waste Disposal Costs at Low-Level Waste Burial Facilities (US)
  • NUREG-1640 - Radiological Assessments for Clearance of Equipment & Materials from Nuclear Facilities (US)
  • NUREG-BR-0216 Radioactive Waste Production, Storage, Disposal (US)
  • A Perspective on the Dangers of Plutonium (US)
  • Plutonium (Australia)
  • Post-Closure Safety Case for Geological Repositories (NEA)   EN 
  • Preliminary Cost Estimates for a LLW Disposal Facility in New Jersey (US)
  • Problems of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage (Lithuania)
  • A Proposed National Strategy for Wastes Containing Radioactivity (South Africa)
  • Public Knowledge & Perceptions of Radiation & Nuclear Power (UK)
  • Quarterly LLC Nuclear Inspection Reports (UK)
  • Radiation in everyday life (International)
  • Radiation Protection & the Management of Radioactive Waste in the Oil & Gas Industry (IAEA)   EN 
  • The Radiological Impacts of Spent Nuclear Fuel Management Options (International)
  • Radioactive Materials Released from Nuclear Power Plants - NUREG/CR-2907 (US)
  • Radioactive Waste Management: An Environmental History Lesson for Engineers (US)
  • Radioactive Waste Management Policy Issues in Malaysia (Malaysia)
  • Radioactive Waste Management Profiles - Number 7 (IAEA)   EN 
  • Radioactive Waste Management - Status & Trends Number 4 (IAEA)   EN 
  • Radioactive Waste Management - Turning Options Into Solutions (IAEA)
  • Radiological Aspects of Non-fixed Contamination of Packages & Conveyances (IAEA)   EN 
  • Radon: A Guide for Canadian Homeowners (Canada)
  • Regulating the Long-Term Safety of Radioactive Waste Disposal (International)
  • Remediation of Areas Contaminated by Past Activities & Accidents (IAEA)   EN 
  • Removal of Regulatory Controls for Materials & Sites: National Regulatory Positions (NEA)   EN 
  • Report on Bioaccumulation of Elements (US)
  • Research Reactor Utilization, Safety, Decommissioning, Fuel & Waste Management (IAEA)   EN 
  • Residuos Radiactivos (Spain)
  • Retrieval, Restoration & Maintenance of Old Radioactive Waste Inventory Records (IAEA)   EN 
  • RIFE - Radioactivity in Food & the Environment (UK)
  • Risk Assessment of Radon in Drinking Water (US)
  • The Role of Local Governments in Long-Term Stewardship at DOE Facilities (US)
  • RWMAC's Response to the Consultation Document "Managing Radioactive Waste Safely" (UK)
  • Safety Considerations for Research Reactors in Extended Shutdown (IAEA)   EN 
  • Safety of Disposal of Spent Fuel, HLW & Long-lived ILW in Switzerland (NEA)   EN 
  • SAFIR - Safety Assessment & Feasibility Interim Report (Belgium)
  • Selection of Decommissioning Strategies: Issues & Factors (IAEA)   EN 
  • Site Evaluation for Nuclear Installations (IAEA)   EN 
  • The site selection process under way in Italy for the LLW repository (Italy)
  • Socioeconomic studies of high-level nuclear waste disposal (US)
  • South Carolina Nuclear Waste Task Force Final Report (US)
  • Spent Fuel Management at Research Reactors (IAEA)
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel Discharges (US)
  • Spent Nuclear Fuel - Options Exist to Further Enhance Security (US)   EN 
  • Stakeholder Confidence and Radioactive Waste Disposal (International)
  • Standard Format & Content for Safety Related Decommissioning Documents (IAEA)   EN 
  • State-by-State Assessment of LLW Received at Commercial Disposal Sites (US)
  • Stepwise Approach to Decision Making for Long-term Radioactive Waste Management: Experience, Issues, and Guiding Principles (NEA)   EN 
  • The Story of Radioactive Waste Management in the UK (UK)
  • Strategies for Radwaste Management (US)
  • Strategy & Methodology for Radioactive Waste Characterization (IAEA)   EN 
  • Technical, Economic & Institutional Aspects of Regional Spent Fuel Storage Facilities (IAEA)   EN 
  • Technical Guidance for Minimizing Radioactive Waste (IAEA)
  • Technology Transfer & the Management of Radioactive Waste (IAEA)
  • The terrifying saga of UK radioactive / munitions dumping (Isle of Man)
  • Texas Compact Low-Level Radioactive Waste Generation Trends & Management Alternatives Study (US)
  • Tritium in Scottish Landfill Sites (UK)
  • Two Scenarios of Nuclear Power & Nuclear Waste Production in Northeast Asia (US)
  • Uranium Enrichment (Australia)
  • UK Nuclear Waste: Finding a Way Forward - full report (UK)
  • UK Nuclear Waste: Finding a Way Forward - summary report (UK)
  • Der Unterrichtsreaktor SUR-100 (Germany)
  • Upgrading of Near Surface Repositories for Radioactive Waste (IAEA)   EN 
  • US Utility Nuclear Fuel Cost Study (US)
  • The Use of Monte Carlo Simulation to Optimise the Supercompaction Process (UK)
  • Using the Centrifugal Method for Plasma-Arc Vitrification of Waste (US)
  • Vergleichende Bewertung von Entsorgungsoptionen für radioaktive Abfälle (Germany)
  • Volcanic Hazards with Regard to Siting Nuclear-Power Plants in the Pacific Northwest (US)
  • Waste-Drum Nondestructive Radioactive Assay Using Active & Passive Computed Tomography (US)
  • Where Will Illinois Dump Radioactive Waste? (US)
  • White Paper on Legacy Management (UK)
  • White Paper on the Energy Policy (South Africa)
  • Working Towards Safe, Long-Term Management of Radioactive Waste (UK)
  • World Uranium Mining (Australia)

    Search for scientific/engineering documents & reports

  • ADAMS - NRC Public Electronic Reading Room (US)
  • Atomic Energy Technical Reports (US)   EN 
  • Atominform (Russia)
  • Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (UK)
  • Center for Environmental Management Information Publication List (US)
  • CEA - DIST (France)
  • CEMI - Center for Environmental Management Information (US)   EN 
  • CERCLIS - Superfund Information System (US)
  • CETIN - Engineering & Technology Nuclear Info Network (China)
  • CINDOC - Centro de Informacion y Documentacion Cientifica (Spain)
  • CISTI - Canada Institute for Scientific & Technical Information (Canada)
  • CPPR - ORNL Comprehensive Publications & Presentations Registry (US)
  • DANDOK (Denmark)
  • DFN - Deutsches Forschungsnetz / German Research Network (Germany)
  • La Documentation française (France)   FR 
  • DOE Information Bridge (US)
  • DTIC - Defense Technical Information Center (US)
  • DWTI/SIST/STIS - Scientific & Technical Information Service (Belgium)   NL / FR / EN 
  • ELDIS (UK)
  • EPA Reach It (US)
  • ERDIS - Environmental Restoration Document Information System (US)
  • Ergo - European Research Gateways Online (EU)
  • ESRGroups (France)   EN / FR 
  • ETDE - Energy Technology Data Exchange (US)
  • EVRI - Environmental Valuation Reference Inventory (Canada)
  • Fons de Documentacio del Medi Ambient (Spain)
  • GeoIndex (US)
  • GET - NEDO Global Environmental Technology (Japan)
  • Government Printing Office Document Search (US)   EN 
  • HORIZON Solutions Site (US)
  • IAEA Publications Catalog (IAEA)
  • ICLEI Information Clearinghouse (International)
  • INIS - International Nuclear Information System (IAEA)
  • INIST - l'Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (France)
  • LIMS - DOE Laboratory Information Management Systems (US)   EN 
  • Low Level Radwaste Document Information System (US)
  • LSN - Licensing Support Network (US)
  • NCEPI - National Center for Environmental Publications & Information (US)
  • NRC NUREG Reports (US)
  • NTIS - National Technical Information Service (US)
  • Nuclear Information Archives (Japan)   JP 
  • NUTIS - NUclear Technical Information System (South Korea)
  • OSTI - Office of Scientific & Technical Information (US)
  • OTA - US Congress Office of Technology Assessment Archive (US)
  • PrePRINT Network (US)
  • PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (US)
  • Power Station Effects (UK)
  • ReaD - Research and Development Database (Japan)
  • Sandia Nuclear Waste Management Program (US)
  • STIC - Science & Technology Information Center (Taiwan)
  • USAID Environment Information Clearinghouse (US)
  • Westinghouse Savannah River Scientific & Technical Abstract Collection (US)
  • WMRA - Waste Management Research Abstracts (IAEA)

    Online libraries & library catalogs

  • Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues (US)   EN 
  • Bibliotècnica (Spain)
  • BIBSYS (Norway)
  • COPAC University Libraries Catalog Search (UK)
  • EEVL - Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (UK)
  • INEL Administrative Record & Information Repository (US)
  • ETH-Bibliothek (Switzerland)
  • Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology (US)
  • Nuclear Energy Library (Japan)
  • ORNL OASIS Library Catalog (US)
  • Questia online library (US)
  • UEM - Urban Environmental Management Virtual Library (Japan)
  • UNEP Library (Kenya)
  • WWW Virtual Library - Environment (US)


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