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Software & databases

Computer software and databases are an important part of any modern technical industry. Specialized software is used to design and model many processes, support safety analyses, perform complex calculations, etc. Nuclear information databases contain vast amounts of information on nuclear properties, interactions of radiation with matter, nuclear statistics, etc. Access to this "standardized" information helps researchers to cross check their results and calculations against those of others.

Here you will find links to specialized software and databases of interest to nuclear, radwaste and radiation professionals, as well as general interest software, and software development companies.

Note: Some web sites may not be in English. See index here for language codes, such as    JP / EN .

Radwaste/nuclear/environmental software

  • AEC - Applied Environmental Consulting Activity Converter (US)   EN 
  • AEC - Atomic Engineering Corp (US)   EN 
  • ALPS Liability Planning System (UK)   EN 
  • AMBER (UK)   EN 
  •   WHAM - Web-Hosted AMBER Model (UK)   EN 
  • ANL Nuclear Applications Group (US)   EN 
  • The Atomic Mac (US)   EN 
  • ATS Advanced Technology Solutions (US)   EN 
  • Basic Principle's Simulator of Embalse Nuclear Power Plant (Argentina)   EN / ES 
  • - Reliability analysis & plant maintenance optimization (US)   EN / FR / ES / SE 
  • Black Cat Geiger Counter / Radiation Detector (US)   EN 
  • BSSI Software (Norway)   EN 
  • Calculator for caesium-137 measurement (UK)   EN 
  • Canberra Software (US)   EN 
  • CTR Technical Services (US)   EN 
  • DAC-Hr Tracking (US)   EN 
  • DECISION systems inc (US)   EN 
  • DecomIT (UK)   EN 
  • D.W. James & Associates (US)   EN 
  • EarthSoft (US)   EN 
  • ECOSim (Austria)   EN 
  • ELSA (Germany)   EN 
  • EnviroChem (Canada)   EN 
  • EnviroComp (US)   EN 
  • Environmental Research Software (US)   EN 
  • Environmental Support Solutions (US)   EN 
  • EnviroWin Software (US)   EN 
  • ESRI GIS & Mapping Software (US)   EN 
  • ESS - Environmental Software & Services GmbH (Austria)   EN 
  • ETRANS (US)   EN 
  • Evtram (Sweden)   EN 
  • Facilia (Sweden)   EN 
  • FEFLOW (Canada)   EN 
  • FILTRK (US)   EN 
  • FTI Radiation Software (US)   EN 
  • Gamma Calculator (Canada)   EN / FR 
  • GAMQUEST - A Computer Program to Identify Gamma Rays (US)   EN 
  • GENII - The Hanford Environmental Radiation Dosimetry Software System (US)   EN 
  • gINT Geoenvironmental & Geotechnical Software (US)   EN 
  • GoldSim Consulting Group (US)   EN 
  • ImageWave (US)   EN 
  • INCOR Solution (Germany)   EN 
  • Ingenieurbüro Graffunder (Germany)   DE 
  • Intelex Technologies (Canada)
  • Isostock radioisotope inventory & tracking (UK)
  • ISRAM - Informations-System Radioaktiver Materialien (Switzerland)   DE 
  • Itasca (US)
  • JANIS - Java-based nuclear information software (NEA)
  • JF Computing Service (UK)   EN 
  • Low-Track (US)   EN 
  • MCNP Software Page (US)
  • Measurements Converter (Russia)
  • Medical Physics Software Exchange (US)
  • MEGA Shield (US)   EN 
  • Micro-Simulation Technology (US)
  • MinuteMan Advanced Core Monitor (US)
  • Natural Radioactive Series Java Applet (US)
  • NFCA - Nuclear Fuel Cycle Analyzer (US)
  • Nuclides 2000 software (EU)
  • Online-MSDS (US)   EN 
  • ORIP XXI (Russia)
  • PC-POP - Performance Oriented Packaging Software (US)
  • PTI Systems (US)
  • Q5 Systems (Canada)   EN 
  • QuantiSci Software (UK)
  • Rad DK - Radioactive Decay Calculator (Canada)
  • Radioactivity Calculator (US)
  • RADMAN (US)   EN 
  • RadWare (US)
  • RAMSHIP (US)   EN 
  • RIS - DTI Radiology Information Systems (US)
  • Risk Spectrum (US)
  • RocScience (Canada)
  • RSICC Computer Codes (US)
  • RS Solutions 2000 (US)
  • Sabrina - Visualization in support of MCNP (US)
  • SAPHIRE - Systems Analysis Programs for Hands-on Integrated Reliability Evaluations (US)
  • Satlock pty (South Africa)
  • SCALE - Standardized Computer Analyses for Licensing Evaluation (US)
  • Serco Assurance Nuclear Software [formerly AEA Technologies] (UK)
  • SIMULATE gamma ray spectra software (Greece)
  • Sparkle/AM1 (Brazil)   EN 
  • Syberad Limited (UK)   EN 
  • TGF Consultants Ltd (UK)
  • TransWare Enterprises (US)
  • TrendTracker (US)
  • TSD-DOSE: Waste Management Dose Assessment Code (US)   EN 
  • WRSDP - Water Radioactivity Software Development Project (US)

    Engineering software

  • AccelSoft (US)
  • AEA Technologies Engineering Software (UK)
  • AIChE Software Directory (US)
  • Algor Inc (US)
  • Asgard Systems (Canada)
  • ASME Engineering Software Database (US)
  • BOSS International Software (US)
  • Caribou Systems (US)
  • Computer Simulations in Physics (Poland)
  • Detech Corporation (US)
  • Donley Technologies (US)
  • EDSA (US)
  • EnerSearch (Sweden)
  • Engica (UK)
  • ESRI - Environmental Systems Research Inst. (US)
  • Fine Civil Engineering Software (Czech Republic)   CZ / EN / PL 
  • Fluent Online (US)
  • Geo&Soft (Italy)
  • Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Software Directory (US)
  • GraphPad Software (US)
  • GSE Systems (US)
  • Herne Data Systems (Canada)   EN 
  • The Language of the Nucleus (US)   EN 
  • Martindale's Calculators On-Line (US)
  • NuTech Solutions (US)
  • Palisade Software (US)
  • Pardalis Software (US)
  • Performance Solutions (US)
  • PROACT (US)   EN 
  • Prolog Development Center (Denmark)
  • Proto-Power (US)
  • RiskWorld Software (US)
  • RockWare (US)
  • SAR Softech (India)
  • Scientific Software Group (US)
  • Softree Mapping Software (Canada)
  • SoHaR (US)
  • Space Radiation Associates (US)
  • System Improvements, Inc. / TapRoot (US)
  • TransWare Enterprises Inc (US)

    General software

  • (US)
  • List of software sites (Canada)
  • Walnut Creek CD-ROM Library (US)

    Nuclear & environmental data & databases

  • ALADDIN - A Labelled Atomic Data INterface (International)
  • AMBDAS - Atomic & Molecular Data Bibliographic Database (International)
  • AIRS - Aerometric Information Retrieval System (US)
  • AMDC - Atomic Mass Data Centre (France)
  • BRIMS - British Radwaste Information System (UK)   EN 
  • Cascade - Catalogue des sources de données de l'environnement (France)   FR 
  • CEDAR - Central European Environmental Data Request Facility (EU)
  • CEDR - Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Base (US)
  • (US)
  • CJD - Center Jadernykh Dannykh / Russian Nuclear Data Centre (Russia)
  • Cogent Regulatory Science (US)
  • Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center (US)
  • DRCS - Directory of Radioactively Contaminated Sites (IAEA)   EN 
  • EDIE - Environmental Data Interactive Exchange (UK)
  • EMIS - Energie en Milieu InformatieSysteem (Belgium)
  • Environmental Reporting Clearinghouse (UK)
  • ERNS / NRC - Emergency Response Notification System / National Response Center (US)
  • ESTSC - Energy Science & Technology Software Center (US)
  • Food Irradiation Facilities Database (IAEA)   EN 
  • FRDB - Fast Reactor Database (IAEA)   EN 
  • Fuel-Trac Online (US)
  • Gamma Energies List (US)
  • GAPHYOR Database (France)
  • GENIE - General Internet Search Engine for Atomic Data (International)
  • GLOMARD - Global Marine Radioactivity Database (IAEA)   EN 
  • Graphs & Tables of X-Ray & Gamma Ray Coefficients (US)
  • HMIS - Hazardous Materials Information Services (US)
  • HREX - Human Radiation Experiments Information Management System (US)
  • HTIS - Hazardous Technical Information Services (US)
  • IAEA Waste Management Database (IAEA)   EN 
  • ICSBEP - International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project (US)
  • INFOCRIS - International Food Contaminant & Residue Information System (IAEA)   EN / ES 
  • INIS - International Nuclear Information System (IAEA)   EN 
  • IRIS - Integrated Risk Information System (US)   EN 
  • ISCORS Parameter Source Catalog (US)   EN 
  • ISOE - NEA Information System on Occupational Exposure (International)   EN 
  •   ISOE Asian Technical Center (Japan)   JP / EN 
  •   ISOE European Technical Center (France)   EN 
  •   ISOE North American Technical Center (US)   EN 
  • ISuS Radionuclide Handbook (Germany)
  • JAERI Nuclear Data Center (Japan)
  • JMPD - JAERI Material Performance Database (Japan)
  • KORNIS - Korea Nuclear Information System (South Korea)
  • Lund Nuclear Data WWW Service (Sweden)
  • MIMS - Manifest Information System (US)   EN 
  • NASA JPL Radiation Effects Database (US)
  • National Data Center for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (US)
  • National Geophysical Data Center (US)
  • NDC - Nuclear Data Centre (IAEA)   EN 
  • NEA Data Bank (NEA)
  • NEWS - Nuclear Events Web Based System (IAEA)   EN 
  • Neutron Scattering Home Page (US)
  • NFCIS - Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System (IAEA)   EN 
  • NIST Radionuclide Half-Life Measurements (US)
  • NIST Reference on Constants, Units & Uncertainties (US)
  • NIST X-Ray Mass Attenuation Coefficients (US)
  • NMED - Nuclear Material Events Database (US)
  • NMMSS - Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System (US)   EN 
  • NNDC - National Nuclear Data Center (US)
  • NSDS - Nuclide Safety Data Sheets (US)   EN 
  • NURE - National Uranium Resource Evaluation (US)
  • NUSAFE - Nuclear Installation Safety Network (IAEA)
  • PackTram (IAEA)   EN 
  • PCS - Permit Compliance System (US)
  • PRIS - Power Reactor Information System (IAEA)   EN 
  • Radioactive Decay Data Server (Sweden)
  • RCRIS - Resource Conservation & Recovery Information System (US)
  • Recent Earthquakes (US)
  • RRDB - Research Reactor Database (IAEA)   EN 
  • RRIAN - Red Regional de Informacion en el Area Nuclear (Argentina)
  • RSICC - Radiation Safety Information Computational Center (US)
  • Sanitary Sewer Discharge Limits Calculator (US)
  • Solutions Software CD-ROM Databases (US)
  • T2 Nuclear Information Service (US)
  • Table of Isotopes Atomic Mass Data (US)
  • TORI - Table of Radioactive Isotopes (US)
  • ToxNet (US)
  • The TRAM - transportation of radioactive materials database (US)   EN 
  • TRIS - Toxics Release Information System (US)
  • UMR - Ungdomens Miljöriksdag (Sweden)
  • WIDS - Hanford Waste Information Data System (US)
  • WMRA - Waste Management Research Abstracts (IAEA)   EN 

    Other resources

  • NITSL - Nuclear Information Technology Strategic Leadership (US)   EN 


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